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CURI Seminar: Reforming Kenya’s Revenue Sharing System by Dr. Jason Lakin

Yesterday, Monday the 23rd February 2015, Dr. Jason Lakin made a rich presentation to the Planning, Architecture and Real Estate students at the University of Nairobi’s ADD building on the efforts and procedures towards achieving a fair revenue allocation system in a devolved governance system.

He emphasized on the need to establish fair play in revenue allocation so as to curb inequality across Kenya’s Counties. For that, the involved authorities and policy makers would need to develop a proper formula for revenue allocation. In his presentation, he covered the work being done by the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA). He also covered the research done by him while working within the International Budget Partnership (IBP). The IBP collaborates with civil societies around the world to use budget analysis and advocacy as a tool to improve effective governance and reduce poverty.   

His work highlights the mistakes of the past, the challenges faced and the efforts by the Kenya’s Commission for Revenue Allocation. To get a copy of his presentation click here……

CURI Seminar: Reforming Kenya’s Revenue Sharing System by Dr. Jason Lakin (ppt)

By James Wanyoike


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