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On 27th May 2014, the Nairobi City County made history by making a disclosure of its new Master Plan (2014-2030) through a colourful ceremony and presentation held at City Hall. Disclosure is a moment when a city announces the completion of major policy undertaking to its residents and stakeholders. The city of Nairobi, now over 100 years old has not had a comprehensive development plan since 2000, when the previous Plan (1973-2000) expired. The disclosure ceremony which aimed at presenting the synthesised findings and strategiesarrived at during the various technical working groups and public consultations drew audience from the county executive, the assembly, city residents, professional bodies and learning institutions. The event saw the presentation of the proposed urban planning, transport, infrastructure, information technology and social economy strategies that aim at making the city globally attractive and competitive.

The preparation of the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan by the Nairobi City County (NCC) with support of JICA started in February 2013. The final launch of the plan is expected by end of July 2014. The plan seeks to address the current challenges of urban management system and proposes comprehensive and integrated interventions to make the city county an iconic and globally attractive aimed at regional integration and sustainability.

The main ingredients of the NIUPLAN are: a proposal to shift from mono-centric to bi-polar sub-centred city structure; and expanded CBD to incorporate Upper Hill (financial hub) and the Railway city; promote development of decent and affordable housing for all; deploy a modern integrated transport system of railway, BRT, motor roads, and facilities for non-motorized users; and enhanced urban environment of public and neighbourhood parks, city forests and its unique Nairobi National Park. During the disclosure ceremony the Governor of Nairobi City County, Dr. Evans Kidero lauded the completion of the Master Plan which has been highly participatory and inclusive. He welcomed support from national Government, and continued participation of local and international investors, and the city residents towards making the city plan a reality. (Created by Jacinta Mwikali Mbilo, CURI June 2014)

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