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Kenya Institute of Planners (KIP) 'Planning Future' Launch

Kenya is at a unique historical epoch. Following the promulgation of the Kenya 2010 constitution, we now have a devolved governance system through which there has been handing over to county governments some of the functions previously assigned to the National Government. In a number of respects, the system of governance has been altered from the centralized state, which had been in effect since the colonial era, to a system in which the national government now shares power and responsibility with the 47 county governments. According to the Transitional Authority, the very essence of devolution was to take away and re-distribute the power to plan, legislate, budget and make policies from the highly centralized national executive and legislature to county executives and assemblies.

Although the Constitution provides for distinctiveness, inter-dependency and consultations of the two levels of government, it has replaced local authorities and handed over their roles to Boards that are to be appointed by county governments. However, a failure to make specific provisions on how counties ought to manage urban areas might lead to, or worsen the challenges urban areas have been facing since independence. To some extent, doing away with the ‘councils’ means that grassroots communities are now beholden to the centre (at county level) which, in essence,  means that they have no local forums for articulating their needs, concerns and aspirations.

In appreciation to this situation and out of concern over the significant challenges Kenya faces as far as allocation, use and misuse of resources, and particularly land, is concerned, the Kenya Institute of Planners (KIP) has come up with a publication that would give citizens a platform for nurturing and strengthening a national development discourse. And by organising the forum, KIP recognizes that to a large extent, our ability to attain middle-income status -as envisaged in Vision 2030- depends on how well we are able to implement and entrench devolution of governance, resources and human capital.

It is in the spirit of the foregoing that KIP has organised a one day Seminar that doubles up as a Launch of the Journal and a Forum to dialogue on pertinent issues that impact on Spatial Planning and Development at both National and County Governments."

Objectives of the Event:

  1. To officially launch the KIP publication, “Planning Future”.
  2. To get perspectives on the relationship between national and county planning and participate in the discussion.
  3. To get perspectives on the linkage between economic and spatial planning and participate in the discussion
  4. To get perspectives on methodology for county planning.

Chief Guest:   Hon. Ann Waiguru, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Devolution

Venue:   Nairobi Safari Club, Lilian Towers, Nairobi

Date:   Wednesday, 30th July 2014 starting at 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

For more information contact the KIP secretariat

Event Image: 
Event Date: 
Wed, 2014-07-30 08:00 - 17:30
Event Venue: 
Nairobi Safari Club, Lilian Towers, Nairobi

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