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The University of Nairobi through the Centre for Urban Research and Innovations is representing is forging a collaboration with the UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE MADRID (UPM). The collaboration is in accordance with a mutual desire to promote academic cooperation in science and technology, agree to sign the present International Collaboration Agreement in accordance with the following clauses.

The two Universities agreed to promote the following activities in order to enhance each other´s educational, academic and research activities:

·         Exchange of faculty members and researchers,

·         Exchange of students,

·         Exchange of information and academic resources that are of mutual interest,

·         Activities such as collaborative research, joint symposia and exchange lectures

On 27th June, Prof Manuel Sierra, Director for International cooperation in UPM and Mr. Jose Miguel Fernández Director of the department of Urban and Regional Planning together with Ms. Eva Alvarez who is a researcher at the University met with Prof. Peter Ngau – Principal of College of Architecture and Engineering and Dr. Mbathi (Coordinator, Centre for Urban Research and Innovations). The meeting served as a formal introductory meeting to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between the two Universities to facilitate the collaboration.

Prof. Peter Ngau with Mr. Jose Miquel, Prof. Manuel Sierra (right) and Ms. Eva Alvarez (left)


CURI Secretariat.


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